Health & SAMHSA Building Blocks

As part of our health studies, we’re using SAMHSA’s Building Blocks curriculum. It’s pretty fantastic. Not only is it free, but it’s pretty well done. The music is cheesy, as any children’s music is, but it’s nicely put together. The books are enough to keep my son entertained, the activity book is cute, and the know kit cards are great openers for discussions.

We’re currently working our way through the 3-4 Know Kit cards. The first was about medication. When to take it, not sharing it, and not taking it from other people. Since the grandparents were fantastic enough to gift us a subscription to Discovery Education Streaming I found a video that goes right along with it, titled, “Sniffy Escapes Poisoning”. Thankfully, you don’t have to have a DE Streaming account to view it, you can also view it from

Now, this is an utterly ridiculous and strange movie, but my son found it hilarious and it fit right in with what we were learning. As strange as it is, it works.